Resource Crash Course



Resource Crash Course: FUNDING

Student Involvement

  • Registered Student Org (RSO) Fiscal Handbook: Everything about RSO funding
  • Student Funding Board: Where RSOs can apply for additional funding
  • How to become an RSO and get RSO funding
    • Contact Aya Leonhardt at to express interest.
    • Apply for and register your tier/size of Org (1, 2, or 3).
    • Apply for Student Funding Board financing based on tier (1, 2, or 3).
    • Self-generate your own revenue for your RSO account (fundraising, etc).

University Life

  • UL Arlington Funding: Additional funding for Student-Led programming impacting student life at the Arlington campus
    • Open to any Arlington Campus student(s) regardless of organizational affiliation.
    • Collaboration across organizations or academic disciplines is strongly encouraged.
    • Initiatives most likely to be funded will have an impact on the Arlington Campus student community as a whole.
  • University Life Funding Grant: Additional Funding grants for programs that impact the quality of campus life at George Mason University

Student Bar Association

  • The Student Bar Association: the primary hub for student Law School Orgs and can provide guidance around their funding process
  • Important Note: Law Student Orgs are NOT part of the Student Involvement RSO process

Partner and Collaborate – Share funding and work

  • Work with other student organizations to host activities/initiatives to stretch your funds and people power
  • This page has the most up-to-date list of officers for Arlington Campus-based student orgs – We encourage you to collaborate!

Additional Questions?

Reach out to University Life Arlington, Student Involvement, or the Student Bar Association with any questions or for additional info.

Resource Crash Course: CATERING & FOOD

The Quick Take: Catering & Food

The Approved Caterers List

  • What is the Approved Caterers List?
  • The approved caterers list shows all of the off-campus businesses that have been approved by the university to use for on-campus catering or food purchases
  • How do I access the list?
  • Don’t see the restaurant you want on the Approved Caterers List?
    • You can try to add them! Here’s the process outlined:
      • All caterers or restaurants applying for Approved Caterer status must complete the following steps:
        • Ensure that the business is a registered EVA vendor in good standing
        • They must read and agree to the Letter to Prospective Caterers
        • They must complete and submit the Caterer Approval Form
    • For more detailed information, go to the Become an Approved Caterer page.

Pot Luck Anyone?

  • The quick answer is NO. Sorry, your famous casserole will have to stay a legend.
  • Any potluck event is NOT an approved event of George Mason University.
  • Signage must be visible at any pot luck event which states: “This is not an approved Mason event therefore you are eating at your own risk.”

Additional Questions?

Reach out to University Life Arlington or Mason Auxiliary Enterprises ( for additional info and questions.

Resource Crash Course: EVENTS

The Quick Take: Events

  • Planning an event can be stressful – this email will help with that. In short: 25Live is key; don’t forget to advertise, advertise, advertise; and pay attention to the approved caterers list.

Reserving an Event Space (an Overview)

  • Get familiar with 25Live
    • 25Live is the comprehensive space-booking software used by Mason
    • If you get lost and want additional training in 25Live, contact Events Management: or call (703) 993-2095.
  • Requesting a Space
    • Reservation Forms for events must be made in a timely manner:
      • Simple requests for classroom spaces made by a University faculty, staff, or student requires at least 3 business days.
      • External event requests for classroom spaces require 7 business days.
      • Any event that occurs in a major event space (Multi-Purpose Room Auditorium, Plaza, etc) requires at least 10 business days’ notice.
    • Tip: To book a major space (ex: Founders Hall Multipurpose Room) be sure to plan at least 3-4 months in advance (and sometimes that still may not be early enough).
  • So, what’s the cost?
    • Renting the space is FREE for official Mason Organizations! (Woohoo!)
    • BUT, additional labor and services from Events Management do have a small cost (contact Events at to inquire on fees).
  • Need to know what the venues look like?
    • Click here to see some of the images and specifications for the spaces in Arlington.

Advertise, Advertise, and Advertise!

  • Where can I make posters?
    Come to the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)!

    • The SORC is in Founders Hall, 222 and FREE to use for student organizations. That means printing single-color posters at no cost!
    • It is stocked with all kinds of poster making and advertising materials.
    • The SORC has programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop for all of your design needs.
    • University Print Services
      • They can do big, professional print jobs – but they are NOT free.
      • You can email them at:
  • What resources can I use to advertise?
    • Mason Ads – This is the Orca TV system that is on every campus
    • University Information – They can stamp your fliers at the information desk in Founders Hall and place them on their boards
    • Social Media – Bend social media to your will and see your attendance surge.
    • Arlington Campus Student Announcements – Submit your flier to UL Arlington for us to include in our announcements. Email them to:
      • Compose a short paragraph/blurb (3-7 sentences) with event information, contact information, links to websites, etc.
      • E-mail blurb to Sophie Gorshenin ( no later than the Wednesday before the week you would like to share your information.
    • Fourth Estate – The student newspaper can help promote big events
    • The Docket – Check and see if the Law student news-group can promote
    • Email Professors – Let professors in your department know what’s going on and ask them to promote in their classes

Catering and Food at Events

  • The previous Resource Crash Course covered Catering & Food extensively
  • For a quick recap, be sure you know the rules and the approved caterers for Mason

Additional Questions?

Reach out to University Life Arlington or The Office of University Events ( for additional info and questions.

Resource Crash Course: Collaboration & Partnership

The Quick Take: Collaboration & Partnership

  • Do you like saving money and sharing effort? The correct answer is “yes”.
  • Collaborating with other students and student organizations is an easy way to share cost and work-load while expanding your visibility and impact.
  • Partnering with on-campus departments and Mason entities is another way to lighten the load and expand visibility while building relationships between your org and Mason.

How to Contact Other Student Organizations

  • Do you know what People Finder is?
    • This is a quick way to find contact information for anyone at Mason: Click here to use it.
  • Arlington Student Organizations:
    • Click here to see the most up-to-date list of Student Orgs and Leaders at Mason’s Arlington campus
    • Click here for Law School specific Organizations
  • Fairfax Student Organizations
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Partnering with Departments and External Groups

  • On-Campus Partnership
    • Partner with Mason departments and academic units to host events, draw a crowd, and get additional support and advertising
    • Click here for a list of all Mason’s official departments
  • Off-Campus Partnership
    • Does your friend run a nonprofit you’d like to partner with? Go for it!
    • Partnering with outside organizations is a great opportunity to welcome individuals into the university, expand your org’s name and impact, and contribute to any events you’re hosting

Additional Questions?

Reach out to University Life Arlington or any of the student organizations or Student Involvement for additional info and questions.

Resource Crash Course: Arlington Services & Resources

The Quick Take: Arlington Services & Resources

  • There’re a ton of resources for you and your orgs to use at Mason!

Some Additional Resources for your Organization

  • University Life Arlington
    • We are more than happy to assist you and your student organization – we love to connect with all student leaders on the Arlington campus! Please visit our office in Founders Hall 222 or email
    • The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)
      • Need to make advertising materials, posters, or anything else for your organization? This is the place to go.
      • It’s located inside our office at Founders Hall 222
  • Student Involvement (SI)
    • SI provides support and a variety of resources for Registered Student Organization (RSO).
    • Reach out to them with questions on funding, important deadlines and RSO procedures.

Resources for your Members

Tip: Be sure to check out the Mason Grad Insider Blog for weekly advice and insights for Mason grad students by Mason grad students.

Additional Questions?

Reach out to University Life Arlington for additional information or questions.